Forest Harmony - Nyíradony

The visitor center is an experience area presenting the flora and fauna of the Gúthi forest, which offers tourist attractions for interested communities and visitors.

Forest Harmony

A room presenting the wildlife of the Gúthi forest

Room with touch screen monitors

The natural treasures of the Gúthi forest come to life

MULTIFUNCTIONAL HALL, for 50-250 people

50 seats for thematic events

Permanent exhibition of the natural and cultural treasures of the landscape

About the visitor center

The presentation and event center is the Gúth-Keled Tourism Nature Conservation Public Association

and its consortium partners: – the Nyíradonyi Széchényi Zsigmond Vadasztársaság, the Stílus Egylet Cultural and Leisure Association and the Ligetaljai Bicycle Public Association In addition, it cooperates with sector players in the region and organizes specific developments into a unified offer and presents their available services.

The installed floor area of the Visitor Center is 952.46 m2 on the ground floor, 321.85 m2 on the first floor, a terrace of 457.7 m2, and a cellar of 296.00 m2 that can be used for storage ensure spacious, airy, convenient and comfortable reception conditions.




The Erdei Harmónia Visitor Center is able to provide restaurant and catering services for several events at the same time, with an event tent, mobile stage, removable cooking and cooling equipment, sound system, lighting technology for external locations, for which the basis is provided by the 300-serving kitchen, as well as the 200-serving kitchen operating at the Gencsy Kúria in the event venue of the Non-profit Association's Szakolykerti . The kitchen also "lives an independent life", as it is the organizer and base for the promotion of regional game dishes, which it presents in thematic gastronomic event programs.




The playroom helps families and visitors with children, improving the chances of parents participating in conferences. By providing childcare, children can enjoy their time spent with us playfully and parents safely.


On the ground floor, accessible from the conference room and buffet, as well as accessible from the external staircase leading to the upper floor, as well as from the internal walkway, terraces furnished with garden furniture and consumer areas await those who love the fresh forest air.

Parking lots

A closed parking lot with 60 spaces for buses and private vehicles awaits visitors.


Light forest

Message scenes projected from an external projector on the illuminated promenade and spectacular light effects entertain both the youngest and the adults in connection with the evening programs.

Event space

Construction has begun and the outdoor event space will be handed over at the end of May, which enhances the outdoor experience for family and community events with spectacular light and sound effects, accompanied by a fog theater, laser show and "forest painting".

Event organization:

Kata Blascsák

Mobile: 0670 3208766

E-mail: event

Princess Mónika Kazsamér

Mobile: 0670 9306198

E-mail address: event 


Maintainer: Gúth-Keled Tourism and Nature Conservation Public Benefit Association

  1. Nyíradony, Szakolykert 87.

President: dr. Tímea of Cset

E-mail address:


Consortium partners:

Nyíradonyi Széchényi Zsigmond Hunting Association

  1. Nyíradony, Árpád tér 1.


Stílis Egylet Cultural and Leisure Association

  1. Nyíradony, Ady E. u. 2.


Ligetaljai Bicycle Public Association

  1. Nyíradony, Ifjúság u. ..


Contact and availability:

Reception: +36 30 279 98 28


Title: 4254 Nyiradony, Európa Park 3.

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Contact and availability:

Reception: +36 30 279 98 28


Title: 4254 Nyiradony, Európa Park 3.